Beyond the bright sea, book review

BEYOND THE BRIGHT SEA is an amazing book which is all about self-discovery. A baby girl named ‘Crow’ is swept on a tiny island in a tiny old boat. She is happy in her life but there is something because of which she is not satisfied. She is curious as to why she was left in the merciless sea, for the starting she has only 3 clues to follow : a birth mark in shape of a feather, a Ruby ring and a sea-soaked letter with only a few cryptic or puzzling words.

This book is a mix of  suspense, curiosity and some deep values. This book is worth reading and has inspired me.


  1. syedsarfarazhussainnaqvi · February 18, 2020

    Hi, nice review. Keep it up

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  2. Gottfried · July 19, 2020



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