Biggest book review

Hi everyone, these are the latest books I have read. So let’s start…..

1.’The Nancy Drew ‘series written by Carolyn Keene. So basically the whole series is about a girl of eighteen who is an amateur detective. Her mind is full of logic. So she solves different mysteries with the help of her friends Bess and George(George is a girl) and her father and kindly housekeeper Mrs. Gruen. I loved her , it’s so full of suspense and mystery . People from age 10 to above can read this .

Nancy Drew series

2.’Educated‘ by Tara Westover. So actually this is a memoir and is an international bestseller. Here Tara’s father thinks that public schools brainwash chlidren about religion so Tara and her siblings are uneducated. They don’t believe in hospitals, so her mother uses herb to cure them. Eventually Tara wants to get education. This is a journey of a girl who grew up between radical father and violent brother, it’s how her life changes.

Front cover
Back cover

3. ‘Percy Jackson and the lightning thief‘ by Rick Riordan. Percy is a half blood which means he is the son of a Greek God and human being. He has to face various challenges and his life is very difficult.his life has taken a sudden twist and now his baffled about what to do ,he has to go to the camp Half Blood where he Learns to fight with Monsters and how he finishes his quest. Rick Riordan has done amazing work.


4.’Percy Jackson and sea of monsters‘ by Rick Riordan. This one is much better than previous one in this the son of the sea god has to go in the sea of monsters that is the sea with monsters to retrieve the golden fleece which will save Thalias tree.


Next is my vintage classics collection. From this the review of ‘A Little Princess’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett has been given some time back… Here is the link -a-little-princess-book-review The remaining are here….

  1. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken. This is fiction and is about 2 girls, (Bonnie and Sylvia) and their adventure. What happens when a misfortune happens and their governess Miss Slighcarp, turns out to be wicked. They both together go through a lot. This book is worth reading and is recommended to age groups from 9 year onwards.
  2. Five Children & It by E.Nesbit. We all think that if we had a chance to ask for a wish what all we will ask. But what happens when you do get a chance? 5 children and It is about five siblings who find a psammead ( sand- fairy) and ask for wishes which leads to many adventures. Amazing book , recommended for age 9 to teens.
  3. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Mole who comes out of his hole and meets his friend Rat and as they venture forth in the Wild Wood to meet Badger. And go on a trip with old silly Toad. But what happens when Toad has his interest in motor cars which leads them to many adventures. Go on a journey with them and enjoy their adventures.šŸ™‚ Recommended for age 8 to 20.
  4. Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This book is about a boy named Cedric. He lives in NY with his mother. It turns out that he is the grandson of an Earl. Now he has to be: Little Lord Fauntleroy. Follow Cedric and go into his world . And the let me tell you that the Earl is the most grumpy, grouchy and feared man in England. But Cedric is not a normal boy. Recommended to age 8 and above.
Front, Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Front, 5 children and It
Front, Wind in the Willows
Front, Little Lord Fauntleroy

So this is it for now, but don’t worry there are more to come. I Bye for now.

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