Amal Unbound Book review

Amal Unbound written by Aisha Saeed is a beautiful work. The story is quite simple…..but it takes us on a harrowing and breath- taking journey giving us an awe-inspiring experience.

The story follows a 12 year old girl Amal, who dreams are temporarily shattered when being the eldest makes her stay at home and handle everything. Soon when she feels that maybe she can start over, once more her hopes are crushed when she has an argument with the son of the village landlord which leads to her becoming a servant in their house. Left devastated she tries to make friends in the house and fit in. She also makes an enemy, out of a girl her age Nabila. But secrets are pouring out in front of Amal and her friends about the heinous crimes of the Khan familiy. Amal has choices either to let it stay as it is OR put up some courage and do the right thing.

I personally loved the book a lot……the story is not that complex but it surely teaches us many lessons. I totally went into the book. Aisha Saeed’s writing was very gripping and full of feeling. This was my first book with this author and I am going to go for more🙂

Please enjoy the book and like, follow and comment.

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