A Place Called Perfect, book review

A Place Called Perfect is written by Helena Duggan. When Violet is forced to move with her family to Perfect she is quite dejected but when they reach Perfect she is unresolved. Everything and everyone is perfect in every way and sometimes it feels eerie. Everyone has weak eyesight and have to wear the glasses made by the Archers to see properly. But when her father and mother are changed too the limit is crossed and so she embarks on an adventure with ‘Boy’. Then finding out the power of imagination.

This book was all I needed. It was full of eerieness, adventure and a slight tinge of some strange type of horror. But I loved it because of it’s strangeness. Wanna read something different then just go for it.πŸ‘‰πŸ» Please like,comment and follow.


  1. Sarah · July 28, 2020

    Looks cool!! It doesn’t have any romance does it? Because I want to

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  2. Sarah · July 28, 2020

    Sorry, I was going to say: I don’t want to read romance.

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