Coraline, Book Review

Coraline written by Neil Gaiman is a book which has no genre….. It’s totally different, a new venture. A scary and roller coaster ride type of adventure . It is a mix of horror, adventure , fairy tale and courage. The thing which attracted me was the blurb. Normally I don’t read or watch horror. But this book’s blurb was so suspense-filled that I had to read it.

Now about the book: Coraline is the name of the girl (who is the protagonist) who has moved to a new house with her parents, she is very curious and in her curiosity she finds the house next door is not really walled up. It has another mother and father, they have big, black buttons where there should be eyes and papery white skin and they want her to stay with them…forever. They can fulfill her every wish. From magical toys to new places only made for her… everything. But she feels that there is no fun in that…. She feels strange and why should she not?? Things are eerie here. With Miss Spink and Miss Forcible telling her that there is danger , the cat that is always watching her and the crazy old man who has a circus of mice Coraline falls into an adventure. Will she able to come back to her real home and save all who matter.

The Blurb šŸ˜±

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  1. Sarah · July 28, 2020

    I have watched the movie but haven’t read the book yet. Is the book much different from the movie? Cool review btw.

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