What Katy Did, Book Review

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge. Katy is very tall and full of schemes. She does not like sewing and she tears her dress everyday. She also does not treat her 5 younger brothers and sisters with kindness or compassion. Her Aunt is tired after telling her for so long to behave her age. She has a habit of making resolutions but breaking them twice as fast. When Cousin Helen an invalid comes to meet them Katy is amazed at her generosity, compassion, kindness and the way she treats everyone. She then resolves to become like Cousin Helen but the resolution gets broken…. but oh! after some time Katy does becomes like Cousin Helen but in a dreadful way. During the time of being invalid Katy learns to be kind and compassionate and then takes the responsibility of working of the household by sitting in her room.

This book was the best one I had ever read. It was a book which kept me awed and agaped. Read and Enjoy.

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