The Girl Who Drank The Moon, book review

The Girl Who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill. The people of Protectorate present an offering every year to the witch who lives in the forest, so as to prevent her from terrorizing their town. The offering however is a baby!! What the people don’t know is that the witch Xan is kind and gentle. She lives with a wise Swamp Monster Glerk and a cute tiny dragon named Fyrian (Fryian is not a baby dragon he’s just tiny)

The babies who are left in the forest are rescued by Xan and delivered to families on other side of the forest. Here the children are loved and cared for. These children are known as Star-children cause’ during the journey from the forest to the village Xan feeds the babies starlight. (Cool right!!)

But one year Xan mistakenly feeds a child Moonlight instead of Starlight. Moonlight makes this ordinary girl extraordinary and she becomes enmagicked. Xan takes the responsibility of raising the girl herself and names her Luna.

Luna’s magic is kept locked to keep her safe… But when Luna’s 13th birthday comes her magic begins to emerge. Xan is far away – a young man is going to kill the witch to save everyone- and something is not right in Protectorate. To protect everyone Luna must leave the loving safe world . As she journeys forward and finds out the truth……

Personally I loved this book. This book is worth the time and money, it was an astounding read and has become one of my favourite. Please do read it.

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