Wondorous Quote#14

Here is your Wondorous Quote 😊

“After seeing amazing magical places like Neverland, Oz, Narnia and Wonderland, why did you ever want to leave?”

The girls looked to one another; they had never been asked the question before, at least in Alex’s mind.

“Because no matter where you go or what you see, you’ll always want to be where you belong,” Lucy said.

“Your home is where you feel most comfortable and loved,” Wendy said.

“It’s a part of you,” Alice added. “It’s where your family is.”

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy said, as if it was the first time she’d ever said those words.

Alex appreciated what they had to say, but wasn’t sure if she entirely agreed. “I wonder, though, if home sometimes isn’t where you’re from,” she said.

The girls looked at her as if she had already answered her own question. Alex wondered if that had been the real question lingering in her mind all along.”

Land of Stories, Enchantress Returns


  1. Aaliyazoya · December 27, 2020

    This is soooo amazing πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—I love this one so it came here!!!

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  2. apotterheadsworld · December 27, 2020

    Love it!!

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  3. Rishika Jain · December 27, 2020

    Aw love this!!

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  4. Pavithra · December 27, 2020

    So beautiful!

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  6. reindeershermaine · December 31, 2020

    oh my god i loved this book when i read it, it was my favorite one out of the entire series. wise choice! also, do you have ig? πŸ™‚ would love to dm u sometime and chat about some of my fav quotes ever!

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