Bonus Keefe Story#3


“If this is a trick . . . ,” Ro said, not bothering to finish the threat. The hand by her sword said the rest.

“No trick,” Keefe promised. “I seriously need your help. You found my prank stashes so easily that I’m hoping you can do the same with whatever my mom hid at Candleshade.”

“But why the sudden hurry?” Ro asked.

“Because Elwin’s here now, and you’ll need him to leap you there, since I’m still not allowed out of this stupid bed.”

“You’re not,” Elwin agreed. “And by the way, neither of us are leaving until you take a sedative—and I want to see you down the whole dose.”

Keefe clutched his heart. “Elwin, Elwin, Elwin. After all we’ve been through, do you really not trust me?”

Elwin held out a round, clear vial. “Nope.”

Ro snickered.

“Fine.” Keefe reached for the elixir. If that’s what it took to get Ro to Candleshade, he’d deal with it.

“You really think your mom hid something important there?” Elwin asked as Keefe gulped down the sticky, sweet sedative.

“I hope so.”

Along with the lovely news that his recovery was still taking forever, Elwin had also let Keefe know that Sophie had apparently already gone to Nightfall, and that her family hadn’t been there.

Elwin didn’t have any other details—except that everyone was safe. But Keefe knew Sophie had to be panicking.

He needed to get her another lead to help track down the Neverseen.

“I’d have a way better chance of finding what you’re looking for,” Ro said, “if you let me smash the place.”

“Fine by me. Make as big of a mess as you want. And bonus points if you destroy my dad’s statue.”

“WOO HOO! Things just got interesting in elf land!”

Ro said something else, but Keefe didn’t catch it. His ears had started ringing, and his head had gotten way too spinny.

He sank into his pillow, feeling a hand gently squeeze his shoulder.

Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head.

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