Book review- Ayesha And The Fire Fish

Title: Ayesha And The Fire Fish

Author: Ajay Chowdhury

Format: Paperback

Pages: 200

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About(from Goodreads): ‘Ayesha thought for a bit. Her parents had told her never to talk to strangers. But they hadn’t mentioned anything about strange dolphins.’

Ten-year-old Ayesha has everything an adventurer needs—courage, cleverness, creativity, and a complete lack of caution. But even Ayesha has to admit that the mission Shekina (the Queen of the Seas, no less) has charged her with may be slightly out of her league.

After all, it does involve saving the world. Of course.

And it’s not like she has a fire-breathing dragon or a super-smart android as a sidekick. Try a snarky surfboarding snail instead.

Join Ayesha as she jumps headlong into an extra-extraordinary adventure that takes her halfway across the world (and a little beyond).

My review: First of all I found the cover fascinating. And I couldn’t resist reading the book after going through the blurb…… The book was gripping and my attention didn’t waver a bit!

Also many beautiful illustrations were there which made me feel as though the story was unfolding in front of my eyes….. I could literally feel the breeze, the water, the adventure. It was a refreshing read tbh.

So totally go for it!

My Ventures & Rove Through Rhyme & Rhythm-Book review by Potterhead Aanya

Thanks you so much Aanya this means a lot! And thank you my friends for supporting me so, I hope that you will read the book and feel what I felt while writing those poems! Thanks for standing by me❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations Aaliya on publishing your first book ever!!!!!!!!!!! Also this may be my first ARC review ever!!!!!!!!Yayy!!! Title- My Ventures & Rove Through Rhyme & Rhythm Cover Description (From Goodreads) “The magic is within us; the choice is ours we are free. So let’s change our fate and live our own destiny.” – a line […]

Book review- My Ventures & Rove Through Rhyme & Rhythm