Semolina (Suji) halwa

Hi all, this post is something new as I have never posted food recipes…. Let’s hope ya all like it

Today I made Semolina or Suji ka halwa. The recipe is super simple and the results is very tasty😃

Ingredients needed:  

Semolina/Suji : 1cup   .                     Ghee/clarified butter: 2 tbsp  .      Sugar : 1 & 1/4cup.                        Water : 3cups.                                             Cardamom pwdr 2-3pinches.                  Almond pwdr : 7-8 almonds              Mithai mate : 1 tbsp( it is sweetened condensed milk)

Note: The cup used to measure should be same.

So let’s begin:

Take a vessel with a thick bottom and put 1 cup Semolina and 2 tbsp Ghee/ clarified butter and keep mixing in time intervals until golden brown, on low flame.

On the another stove take a vessel and put Sugar and water and start stirring on medium-low flame until the sugar is fully dissolved. Once it is done wait for 2 mins to let it cool a little and then add sweetened condensed milk in it and stir.

Add almond pwdr and cardamom pwdr to the dry mix and keep both things ready.

Caution: If the liquid is mixed with the dry ingredients when it is ‘very hotthen it may cause an explosion if liquid is kept for too long it mbay crystallize so both the things should be ready in time.

When both batches are mixed on medium heat it may look like a muddle but slowly it gets into the corrent consistency. Just keep stirring.

When slightly cooked then do as I have done in the picture below because of this the heat is not direct and there is no chance of halwa sticking at the bottom.

Placing it on a flat tava

After 5 mins of doing 👆🏻off the stove , garnish with pistachios, almonds,raisins and serve hot.

Enjoy😋😋😋😋!!! And let me know the result or tips if any

Sorry for the photos while cooking I couldn’t capture better photos…